About us - Vật Lý Thiên Văn

VLTV is a non-profit website project for Vietnamese people who interested in astronomy, astrophysic, cosmology and space science. The VLTV project is included a website at http://vatlythienvan.com and a Facebook Fanpage named Vật Lý Thiên Văn. The website domain and hosting is donated by many Vietnamese people.

Vật lý Thiên văn - vatlythienvan.com

The aim of VLTV project is to connect young scientists, students who studying these fields and grouping into a team named VLTV Admin Team. They will inspire their passion to everyone by good articles, news and holding events. VLTV project is also a bridge connecting people together. With this purpose, we hope that this project will be a good friend for every Vietnamese people who love science.

Our slogan is: "Inspiring passions!". Let share your passion with people!

VLTV Admin Team.

Author: Hiền PHAN
Nguyên chủ nhiệm CLB Thiên văn Bách khoa - PAC (nay là CLB Thiên văn học Đà Nẵng - DAC); Nghiên cứu sinh ngành Vật lý thiên văn tại APC Laboratory, Paris Diderot University, Cộng hòa Pháp.

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