VẬT LÝ LÝ THUYẾT VÀ VẬT LÝ TÍNH TOÁN / Theoretical and computational physics seminar

Tiêu đề/Title: "Hawking fluxes and Anomalies in Rotating Regular Black Holes with a Time-Delay"Người trình bày/Speaker: Dr. Shingo Takeuchi
Institute for Fundamental Study (IF), Naresuan University, Phisanulok, Thailand

Thời gian/Time:10:00 sáng, Thứ Ba, ngày 29-11-2016
(10:00 AM, Tuesday, 29 November 2016)

Địa điểm/Venue:Phòng 202 (Thư viện), Viện Vật lý, 10 Đào Tấn, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Tóm tắt/Abstract:
Although derivation of Hawking fluxes has been already performed around 1974 by Hawking based on the pair-creation in the vicinity of the near-horizon region, around 2005 Hawking fluxes have been again derived based on the anomaly-free condition [1,2]. This way would be very intriguing, because it will suggest the following two points:

1) Hawking fluxes might be the fluxes appearing as the quantum tunneling in order to compensate for the deficit of outgoing modes on the horizon so as to be anomaly-free at the semi-classical level.

2) A picture in which Hawking fluxes and Bekenstein-Hawking entropy are drown uniformly.

In this seminar, based on my study as in the title, I would like to introduce the way for the derivation of Hawking fluxes based on anomaly-free condition and the physics mentioned above.

Further I will give a comment about which models proposed in [3] as the regular black hole with a time-delay are physically consistent. This would be beneficial for the future works based on the regular black holes with a time-delay in [3].

[1] S. P. Robinson and F. Wilczek, gr-qc/0502074.
[2] S. Iso, H. Umetsu and F. Wilczek, hep-th/0602146.
[3] T. De Lorenzo, A. Giusti and S. Speziale, arXiv:1510.08828.

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All those interested are welcome to attend!

Người chủ trì/Host person: Nguyễn Anh Kỳ

Nguồn: Institute of Physics
Website : http://www.iop.vast.ac.vn/

Author: Lan Anh DINH
Nghiên cứu sinh ngành Viễn thám, Đài thiên văn Paris.

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